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Welcome to Bartelso, Illinois

  Members of the St. Cecilia Parish & Home of the Braves!

Bartelso Elementary School

Bartelso Elementary School District #57 has approximately 160 students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade.  

Each classroom is equipped with the latest educational materials.  From problem-solving techniques, engaged learning, updated common core curriculum, and hands-on activities to aid our children.  

Bartelso Elementary also has a very active Parent Faculty Club (PFC).  This organization contributes a large portion of its funds to the welfare of the school.  This includes building upgrades, purchasing new computers, funding field trips, and more.  

Bartelso School Board Members

School Board Members
  Jill Daugherty 
  Jill Spihlmann
 Vice President
  Jaime Becker 
  Michael Schlautman
 Board Member
  Mark Toennies 
 Board Member
  Eric Varel
 Board Member
   Tanya Loepker
 Board Member