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Ballpark Calendar & Information

Ballpark Calendar

How to Reserve the Ballpark Pavilions for Special Events

To reserve the park pavilion for a special event, please contact Curt or Diane Toennies at 765-2177 or email them at dtoe@frontiernet.net.  You can view the Ballpark Calendar below to check for availability.  

How To Reserve the Ballpark for Games/Practices

The Ballpark Calendar is shown below.  You can click on any event for further details. Use the blue arrows on top left to move through the months. You may also print or change the view with the buttons on the right. 

If you need to make a change, cancel or add a game, you can use the online forms, contact Amanda Loepker or Tammy Rickhoff. Also, remember to contact Glenn so he is aware of your diamond requirements.

Amanda Loepker cell 618-540-9039

Tammy Rickhoff:  cell 618-304-5701 (backup)

Glenn Kohrmann:  cell 618-975-9919