Welcome to Bartelso, Illinois

  Members of the St. Cecilia Parish & Home of the Braves!

Fire Department

911, What is Your Emergency...


Anytime, day or night - whether is 1 o'clock in the afternoon or 3 am in the morning, these committed and dedicated individuals will drop everything and come to your aid.  Many are trained to not only save your family from a burning home, but also can provide you with  medical assistance before the ambulance arrives.  Several of them are medically trained and certified to provide medical attention.  They are fully equipped with the necessary tools to help save lives.

This department is a true vision of always giving back to the community. Thank you ladies and gentlemen!  You can contac the fire department by emailing them at sffpd@yahoo.com

We Will Never Forget ... Timothy P Jansen

The Santa Fe Volunteer Fire Department and all members of this community will never forget their brother, Tim P. Jansen who died in the line of duty on December 2, 2012.  Tim leaves behind a wife and two young daughters.  Tim will always be our brave hero and in our hearts forever. 


Fireman Officials


 Adam MaueChief 
 Mark MaueAssistant Chief
 Stan ToddSecretary
 Tom HellmannCaptain & Training Officer
 John RickhoffTreasurer