Welcome to Bartelso, Illinois

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Bartelso Elementary School

Bartelso Elementary School District #57 has approximately 142 students in grades K - 8.  Curently the school is under the direction of the school board and Superintendent, R. Dane Gale.  

Each classroom is equipped with the latest educational materials.  From problem solving techinques, engaged learning and hands on activites to aid in teaching our children. 

Bartelso Elementary also has a very active Parent Faculy Club (PFC).  This organization contributes a very large portion of their funds to the welfare of the school in assisting with building upgrades, purchasing new computers and textbooks, funding field trips, and more. You can find more information regarding the PFC by choosing the link below.   

Bartelso Braves Website

Parent Faculty Club Information

Bartelso School Board Members

School Board Members
  Henry Bergmann
 Tammy Rickhoff
 Vice President
  Tanya Kampwerth
 Allan Becker
 Board Member
 Jill Daugherty
 Board Member
 Jodi Grawe
 Board Member
 Michelle Varel
 Board Member

Bartelso School Foundation

Conventional wisdom holds that parental and community involvement in education is a foremost indicator of success and research confirms it!  That is the reasoning behind Bartelso School's community parternship to establish a Bartelso Education Foundation.  The foundation has a mission to continue and advance the excellence of Bartelso School District No. 57 by expanding opportunities for extraordinary student success. 

The Parent Faculty Club is supporting the establishment of an education foundation.  Initial planning Foundation Board of Directors are the following individuals:

  • Mr. Brian Patton, Board of Education President
  • Mr. Henry Bergmann, Board of Education Member
  • Mr. R.D. Gale, Superintendent
  • Mr. Jeff Hemker, Community Member
  • Mr. Arnie Steinkamp, Parish Board Member
  • Mrs. Jody Grawe, Parent

The planning Foundation Board will focus on developing the by laws and the federal applications for establishing a foundation.  Once approval has been completed, the Bartelso Education Foundation will operate independently from the school with the superintendent and Board of Education president as non-voting ex-officio foundation members.

This foundation will be a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is independent from the school.  All donations will be a tax deduction for those who contribute to the Bartelso Education Foundation.  The foundation's planning Board of Directors are committed to supporting extraoridinary student success and looks forward to the community joining them toward their mission.  As this has been a lengthy process, we are hopeful to accept donations soon to this organization.